Hello y’all. Okay this idea just came to me like 20 minutes ago.Lol ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to learn Java, my life depends on it.Literary! Java is hard (at least for me.) because it is an object oriented programming language, i know.. i already sound geeky ( grinning ) lol.

To all the geeks out there, i envy you.. really i do, i wish i was farmiliar with concepts like oop,variables,methods,syntax,iterations,deploy e.t.c ย p.s there are like a thousands new words i’ve learnt already, i’m kinda bragging, i know.Lol.

Back to why i’m actually blogging! Okay, i’m not the kind of guy who is self-motivated, in-fact i’d rather be watching a movie or just doing nothing right now ๐Ÿ™‚ , some call it laziness, i call it deep thought! yes, when i’m just staring at the ceiling doing nothing. I’m in deep thought.

I really need to learn java, REALLY! and this is the only way i can keep track of myself. Yes i know, ย it’s kinda stupid. But i’ll be on the edge, i will be uncoutable, to myself, to my readers (if I get any) and to wordpress (well I can’t let down the publishing platform, can I?).

As i said, this idea hit me exactly 20 minutes, 5 seconds ago. Not that i’m starting Java today, no! I’ve been studying for a month by due to my nature of deep thinking (see what i did there? ๐Ÿ™‚ ), i haven’t been able to get past the absolute basics. Don’t laugh yet, i know more than you do, that is if you are an ordinary mwananchi(human) haha.

I’ll try the best i can, and will keep updating, i’ll post here every single day of my journey and this is officially DAY 1. I hope this will keep me motivated. Thank you if you are reading this, you are my first witness haha.

Okay since I started,ย i’ve switched books, yes,i started with “Introduction to programming using java” but i noticed that th author jumps from one topic to another without really explaining what’s in the middle, well that’s my opinion, don’t want to spoil someone’s reputation here. Then i switched to another and yet another but i’ve found THE ONE, haha the one that will set me free from lack of java knowledge, “Java a beginners guide, Sixth Edition” by Herbert Schildt. (hard time writing that second name!).ย So far, i’m lovin it! I’m at exactly page 80 today, the book is 729 pages, yes, you heard that right!

That’s a lot of words for DAY 1. Lemme put my pen down now, literary. Look out for my next post tomorrow, pleasure to meet you, btw. Oh, my name is Tony ๐Ÿ™‚ .