“One skill you want to master in this day and age we live in, if you want to

have an extraordinary life, is the ability to learn rapidly” — Anthony Robbins

Here we are again, a bright, Monday morning, I must admit Monday mornings are bad, but today, no!

First, I want to apologize. I may not have many readers yet, but I know there’s that one person who’s curious, maybe you want to see how this one goes and try yours, or you really are genuinely interested in hitting the road with me, yes, this is an adventure, but few may see it like that. It’s like nurturing a baby, you see it crawl, then walk, then RUN.
I’m still crawling, but I’m positive I’ll run some day 🙂

Back to the apology. I was supposed to publish my 2nd post on Friday, but I couldn’t make it, no, I was not lazing around like you might think. I was assigned a job that ate up my day. But we always have a second chance, don’t we? Well, I’m back.

Since the kick off of this blog, I’ve been studying like a crazy person. The concepts are still very many, but I realized through practice and patience, I can make them stick in my mind. I am now very conversant with Methods & Classes, I believe this are the building blocks of an object-oriented language!

I am practicing anytime I get the opportunity and it does feel like there’s some progress, and progress is good, I presume! The learning curve is slow and I’m only on console based programs at the moment, but a friend told me that the basics are very important and that i should really grasp everything, or as much as I can.

The weekend was great, I was able to read a few pages, but the temptation to watch a movie won me over and i ended up watching 12 episodes of Sense 8 🙂 It’s a great show, some of the scenes were shot in Nairobi, which makes it more interesting.

I should end this post here, but I’ll keep writing and hopefully one day when I’m a pro in Java I’ll look at this post and laugh my ass off haha 🙂 Bye.