Day 3! It’s a beautiful evening, the day was great, sunny.Last evening java was flowing in my blood. I mean literary, I could feel the rush. I sat down, switched off everything noisy, including my phone; and opened my pdf book : Java A Beginner’s Guide Sixth Edition. Everything ran smoothly constructors, and more about objects and methods. Then I got to chapter 5: Arrays.

Arrays are generally a collection of variables referred to by the same name. All hell broke loose here, I mean okay arrays, one dimensional, two dimensional, Sorting an array. wtf is sorting an array? who does that? haha I know I sound stupid to the Java guys but really this thing is hard.. but I didn’t give up, I made sure that I understood how to sort arrays through the Bubble sort method. It took some time and practice on eclipse but finally I got the concept and understood how to do it.

It’s a good feeling when you can understand a concept after reading through like ten times, at least you feel like nothing is impossible. Honestly today I haven’t been able to study due to lots of work, but I’m pretty sure yesterday will repeat itself. When I get home I’ll go straight to my study desk & start reading. Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about it. Bye.