Here we are. I haven’t been posting lately and I have myself to blame for that. The past few days have been hectic and the learning has gone a bit low. I’m learning though, and i’m very happy about it. I’m actually surprised that i’ve been able to push myself this far.

The weekend was okay. I must admit there are some concepts i’ve been trying to grasp but unfortunately they are quite hard. The Bitwise Operators: These have been a hard nut to crack and i must admit, i have been able to grasp only 4/10 of the topic. I’ll read further and do more research on that.

On a lighter note, there’s something i’ve learnt that’s really interesting; Encryption 🙂 Though i know this is the very basic topic about encryption, i was able to encrypt my name & decrypt it. Here’s my source code:

class Encode {
public static void main(String args[]) {
String name = “Anthony Mathenge”;
String encname = “”;
String decname = “”;
int key = 88;
System.out.print(“Original name: “);
// encode the name
for(int i=0; i < name.length(); i++)
encname = encname + (char) (name.charAt(i) ^ key);
System.out.print(“Encoded name: “);
// decode the name
for(int i=0; i < name.length(); i++)
decname = decname + (char) (encname.charAt(i) ^ key);
System.out.print(“Decoded name: “);

The output is :

Original name: Anthony Mathenge
Encoded name: 01+x1+x9x,=+,
Decoded name: Anthony Mathenge

You can try this and try encrypting your name.. It’s fun!

That’s all for today. Hope your Monday is Fine by the way. See ya!