People wander. I wandered. Positively. Was away  and a lot has happened. Teachers strike, Mugo wa Wairimu. But let me not get into that for now. I too had a lot on my plate. I traveled, went to “shags” ate mbuzi which was slaughtered in front of my eyes. Thats the beauty of being Kenyan. Oh, and we chemshad the head. Bliss.

Okay, let me not wander in my words. I’m back. Haven’t concentrated on Java for a while, hope I haven’t forgotten everything :-). I can’t even remember wha chapter I was on, maybe page 250..0r 280.. It doesn’t matter I’ll get back on track ASAP! I have to. I like the motivation I’m currently having, It feels like a burning desire in my heart. I feel like like I want to continue learning Java, like its my destiny. If only I felt this way in school.Lol.

I’m planning to strictly study Java 2 hours a day. Hope this works. Fingers crossed. Some concepts are quite hard and I must admit I have tried and just left them. No man is perfect. I’ll learn polepole. I’m positive. Can’t wait to build a robust program and actually see someone use it. Can’t wait to get into coding competitions and challenges. These thoughts keep me at it. Well for now the journey is still long, the reward is far, but I’m treading stealthily, wisely. I’ll get there. Posting daily is quite hard and I think I should adjust that to twice a week. Not because I’m lazy, but because it’ll give me ideas and more content to post. Thanks and see ya!