We are here again. Haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been studying. No lie.Much has happened since the last post. I’ve had both good & bad experiences with Java. Frustrations & joy. I’ve covered a few chapters from my Java book. I now have knowledge on concepts like recursion, method overloading, nested & Inner classes and much more.

Recursion seemed interesting but not very easy to grasp. Okay, the idea is quite straight forward. Generally, it is a method that makes a call to itself, but implementing a solution using recursion is a totally different case. lol.

I managed to create some piece of code that reverses input string(words). eg. “This is a test” to “tset a si siht”. Amazing huh? It took quite a few curse words to get there. Here’s the source code, if in any way you are interested.

public class Backwards {
String str;

Backwards(String s) {
str = s;

void backward (int idx) {
if (idx != str.length()-1) backward (idx +1);


public class BWDemo {

public static void main(String[] args) {
Backwards s = new Backwards ("This is a test");




I also learnt about variable length arguments (Varargs) and their importance to the Java syntax. I am now studying about Inheritance. Its fun.

Something else happened. I cam across freecodecamp.com . This is an amazing place to learn code if you are a noob. They have an excellent interface and learning is self paced & FREE. You learn: Html,css,Javascript, Node.js, Angular.Js, MongoDB & much more. The best thing about freecodecamp is the community around it. Also, i found out that after you have mastered the languages, you get to be part of a team where you create apps for NGO’s. This amazing, right? I signed up yesterday, and went through some HTML & CSS, though its like a refresher since I’m already good at those.

So, if you ever wanted to learn code, whether as a hobby or as a career. Thats the place you should be. I’ll continue and see where all this coding leads me. Till next post, have a blast šŸ˜‰ .