Haha, ignore the headline, just wanted your attention. No cows or axes in here bruh! It’s been a while. Sometimes I wonder, is this a Java diary? or do I just jot down my mind to motivate myself and lie to myself, who knows? We’ll find out the day I post the algorithm I used to create the first ever.. first ever what? Everybody’s creating, I think ideas will run out some day. I mean, Elon Musk with Tesla, Google’s self-driving cars, Drones, etc. With the emergence of BIg Data, Internet of Things & Cloud computing the world is going crazy. Anyway, this is a Java blog, everything else is BS here!

Wanna know my progress? Of course you do, that’s why this blog exists anyway. I’m heading somewhere, almost done with Inheritance and method overriding. Now I’m really getting what Object Oriented Programming really means. Who comes up with this languages anyway? Do they have a life? Since I sat my ass down and focused on Java, I’ve rarely gone out, “hanging out” is becoming a thing of the past.It is rewarding though, I can’t complain. Remember how I started? First post? Lazy? I used the wrong word, I’m not lazy, just that I procrastinate a lot, Was, actually. Its wearing off, happy me!

I’m emotionally constipated. I haven’t given a shit in days.

Next, I am diving into Java packages & Interfaces. I wanna finish the book fast so I can seriously start building stuff. Amazing right? Not so easy though that’s why they call it coding. I’m slowly realizing that I’m posting weekly and I think I’ll let that be! I’ll be posting every other Wednesday, and may the demons of procrastination be defeated!!!!

Till next Wednesday. Keep safe 😉