In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”

I’m a lazy learner. No doubt. In fact, I’m lazy. Lazy lad! Always fought with ma’ over my high rate of procrastination. I procrastinate everything, EVERYTHING! It’s always about tomorrow, tomorrow, until I had to learn Java!

It happened that I landed a job. A great job! But what were the terms? You gotta learn Java. On your own! “No supervision, nobody checking on you, nobody caring about your progress, but at the end of 6 months, you should’ve learnt the Java programming language”,they said. Looking back, I learnt half of HTML in a year, and then quit! Haha, I bet they could see the self-pity in eyes. How can I do this? I kept asking myself. The first day is always bliss. Happy, motivated, even excited. Opened up google, and started looking for resources. Those who’ve studied Java on their own, with no prior programming experience can tell you how hard it is to grasp all those concepts.

Downloaded the first book, 600 pages. started reading but after 10 pages felt like it’s not a great fit. Went back online. Got “Java a beginners guide”. This one felt more comfortable. Read 20 pages, ditched it. Tried online video tutorials. Those guys teach so fast, neglecting the minor concepts, which I needed most! Ditched videos. One month gone! Nothing learnt. Procrastination, laziness!

Then a thought crossed my mind. Why don’t I start a free blog that I’ll use as a motivator? Whenever I learn a few stuff, I jot down my progress. So I started this blog. I’m not a good writer ( I bet you’ve already noticed that.. lol) but I just had to try this. So I went back to reading “Java a beginners guide”. This time seriously. Made up my mind that I will not be a prisoner of my own mind. So everyday I forced myself to study. My life changed, I found myself sticking in the house while my friends were “hanging out”, stopped wasting time on unnecessary stuff. Now I use my time wisely, positively.

I’m not done with Java, but I’m surely done with chronic procrastination. It’s a great feeling. I keep track of time. Java is becoming an everyday thing. I’m creating stuff. Life is fun! I know this post is quite short and a bit off topic but I just had to write something about laziness and learning.
Lazy Learners