It’s Friday. I don’t know why Fridays are so long. Maybe its because we wait eagerly for Fridays. But the Irony is, you wait hard but really, there’s nothing important or intriguing you do. It ends up being another day. Just like yesterday. Well, here we are again. I’m quite sulky today, don’t really know why because I woke up feeling happy and excited about the day. Anyways that’s life, we have to face every day. We have to wake up and do something. The ultimate goal is to get somewhere and today is defined by what we did yesterday.

Sometime ago I used to believe that everything that happens to us is fate. That you were meant to fail that exam, or you were destined to not go to that event. But everything changed. I now understand that our experiences today are an outcome of the struggle we put in yesterday. I pity that person who hasn’t got the hang of this.

Energy & Persistence conquer all things

-Benjamin Franklin

I can see progress in my programming career. I’m not the person who picked up that Java book and flipped the first page. Neither am I the person I see myself becoming. I’m somewhere! At least now I can read code. By this I mean I can at least understand 80% of what I see when I’m looking at someone’s Java code. I can create classes & subclasses. I now have a firm grasp of the OOP concepts. I’m currently on Exception handling. Can’t wait to get to applets and stuff like Swing & JavaFX.

I can’t wait to start practicing with real life projects and get off the console based projects. But I’ll get there, I believe I will! That’s all I have today. Cheers.