It’s been some time since I last posted. That doesn’t mean I’ve not been working my ass off. In fact, I have. I’m still studying using the book “Java: A beginners guide”. It is really smooth, great examples. The examples pick up from each other, creating a sense of growth. The English is quite good, no jargon. The writer doesn’t goof around and reading it makes you feel like you are being guided by an expert. But I’m not really doing a book review here am I?

I’ve learnt a lot over the past 4 months. I’m glad to say that now I’m quite comfortable with OOP concepts and console based programming. I can now read somebody else’s code comfortably. I now know how to handle exceptions, Input and Output (this one was quite wide), conditions, inheritance, polymorphism, quite a lot more.

Just recently, I have started joining coding challenge websites i.e Codewars, codingBat, etc. I also started studying Javascript on FreeCodeCamp, but it gets confusing and both demand a lot of time and concentration so I put FCC off for another day, when I’m absolutely confident in Java.

A colleague advised me to start tackling SQL, so I can be able to handle Databases. I’m planning to start that soon.

That’s where I’m at and I’m enjoying every moment of the journey. It’s quite bumpy, but nothing good comes easy. Life’s a struggle, we gotta hustle!