Last week I created my first real project, a Signup & Login page, connected to MySql database, where the user details are stored. You can check it out Here. I’ve been working on a new, exciting project: A simple School Management System. At the moment it is just a simple system, but I intend to build it up, adding more advanced features along the way.

Okay, this is simply how it works. A user first gets this screen, where he/she logs into the system.

Login page
Login page

If he/she is not registered, they can opt to signup by clicking the signup button and they are taken to the following signup page.

Signup page
Signup page

The details added here are automatically saved in a table I created in MySql called login_details. A user can then use those credentials when logging in. If a user tries to put incorrect login details, they will get a “Login Failed” error.

Once a user logs in, they receive a “Successfully logged in” message and the login page is disposed, and a new page comes up, the dashboard/control panel page. Here it is:


Here, there are two simple options, Teacher & Student. Once the user clicks on the teacher icon, this page is disposed and a new frame comes up, with text fields and buttons & a table, as shown:

Teacher's Panel
Teacher’s Panel

Here, everything is connected to a MySql table, teachers_details. A user can add a teacher by typing in the teacher details and clicking the button add, they can also delete a teacher by clicking on the row with the teacher’s details. The user can also update/change a teacher’s details by adding the details in the respective text field and pressing the button “update”.

The student panel is very similar to this, so I don’t find a reason to discuss it.

Well, that is the whole system as of this moment, but I plan to add features slowly as I continue to build the system. It is written fully in Java, GUI in Swing and Database is MySql.

I wanted to post the source code but it is quite huge, because I have like 5 classes, all of which have around 250 lines of code each. But if anybody is interested, just contact me via the contact page, I’ll be happy to share the code.

Oh, and I just started learning about Hibernate, a  high-performance Object/Relational persistence and query service. Hope this goes well too.

Thank you and have a fabulous day 🙂