It’s been a minute. Almost two months since I published a post. It feels real bad. How could I possibly abandon this blog? I had gotten attached to it in a mystical way. It used to motivate me and whenever I looked back at a previous post, I felt my blood rush and a gush of excitement. I’m back now, bigger and better. Literary.(I’ve added some pounds). Lol.I didn’t even write those new year posts with lots of resolutions shit. Man I hate those. We all know what happens to those resolutions. By March they’re already forgotten, and if you are like most people, by February! It’s been a great quarter though. Improvements on improvements.

January started off slow & sluggish. Didn’t quite do much coding and I can’t really explain why. I did read though, lemme tell you about that. So I was asked to start handling the portal, by the end of the first quarter. I thought it was a great idea,till I looked at the code. Man, it was demoralizing, what we call a spaghetti of code.

First, the portal is mostly Java, back-end and Bootstrap for the front-end. Then, the portal fetches data from the main application using web services. Crazy, huh? So I first had to learn what web services are, for this I bought a Udemy course. This helped me quite a lot but later I came to realize what I should really be learning is JavaScript.

JavaScript is easy, if you are handling the basics. Wait till you get to the real deal. It gets tough. So I decided to get serious at it. Its also fun, and widely used so I know this skills will really be helpful. I mean, these days you can build almost anything using JavaScript. It is platform independent, scalable and light. So I got serious about This is an amazing place to learn JavaScript. In fact, you learn everything about front-end web development, data visualisation and some back-end skills. The best part is, the tutorials are interactive, the challenges are hard. Just what I needed.

I’m almost done with the front-end challenges so I can claim my certificate.. yeeey. I’ve also downloaded quite a few JavaScript books and some on Algorithms & discrete Mathematics (yes my maths skills are low). I promise to keep this blog active and document every step of my journey. Maybe it might be of help to someone else. Who knows?