My Java Safari

My Journey to Java proficiency, one post at a time.

Back from “Goofing Around”

People wander. I wandered. Positively. Was away  and a lot has happened. Teachers strike, Mugo wa Wairimu. But let me not get into that for now. I too had a lot on my plate. I traveled, went to “shags” ate mbuzi which was slaughtered in front of my eyes. Thats the beauty of being Kenyan. Oh, and we chemshad the head. Bliss. Continue reading “Back from “Goofing Around””


Monday blues

Here we are. I haven’t been posting lately and I have myself to blame for that. The past few days have been hectic and the learning has gone a bit low. I’m learning though, and i’m very happy about it. I’m actually surprised that i’ve been able to push myself this far.

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Day 4

Here we are again. Honestly, I haven’t studied much since my last post. Last evening I was so tired, I fell asleep as soon as I had dinner. Ok today has been good, in fact, i have learnt a lot today, from the experts! Okay i was given a task, not a hard one. But the thing is i had to upload a Html file to several pages on a Java application. Ha! you can’t imagine the headache, but eventually, a friend helped me set up Jboss, Maven & link them all together with my eclipse workspace. Continue reading “Day 4”

The struggle continues, victory is certain.

Day 3! It’s a beautiful evening, the day was great, sunny.Last evening java was flowing in my blood. I mean literary, I could feel the rush. I sat down, switched off everything noisy, including my phone; and opened my pdf book : Java A Beginner’s Guide Sixth Edition. Continue reading “The struggle continues, victory is certain.”

Sincere Apology

“One skill you want to master in this day and age we live in, if you want to

have an extraordinary life, is the ability to learn rapidly” — Anthony Robbins

Continue reading “Sincere Apology”

Welcome Aboard!

Hello y’all. Okay this idea just came to me like 20 minutes ago.Lol 🙂 I have to learn Java, my life depends on it.Literary! Java is hard (at least for me.) because it is an object oriented programming language, i know.. i already sound geeky ( grinning ) lol. Continue reading “Welcome Aboard!”

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